Fontosnak tartjuk, hogy akikkel együtt dolgozunk magas szintű angol tudással rendelkezzenek, így közvetlenül hozzáférhessenek a legfrissebb, legjobb ismeretekhez.


  • Do you like to work whenever you feel like doing it, yet can't stop until you finish what you planned?
  • Do you want to do an office job, yet staying active?
  • Do you like creative work where you can take part in the important debates?
  • Do you have your own passion and look for compassionate, positive feedback?
  • Do you like to work across multiple professions at the same time?

Then you're at the right place.

Project jobs

We have the following projects where you could get your skills tested:


1. WordPress template site

We create a cool and userfriendly workhorse template site,
that makes creating websites easier and more fun. 🙂

The template site will

  • be compatible with ten of our designs,
  • have a few useful plugins and shortcodes available
  • have a user-friendly customization system
  • be able to deploy itself automatically.

Do you match or quick to learn a few of these? 🙂

  • Quick to learn and improve,
  • quick to get into Adobe Photoshop, CSS 3, Bootstrap. Also able to look at an existing webpage, understand its certain and creatively incorporate its valuable part.
  • Experienced in WordPress, PHP and JavaScript. (We also use Git, SourceTree, Trello and Unix). Can distinguish a high-quality solution from a stack of hacks. Can imagine all the ways things could go wrong and care for those issues systematically.
  • Keen on aesthetics and colour harmony!:)

We compensate you on a weekly basis.

I'm interested!


2. YouTube video series

Take part in making a 25 piece YouTube video series on how to create a great webpages!
You can help with

  • editorial work,
  • scripting/ideas work,
  • keyword finding, video tagging and web optimization.

... or let us know how you could contribute!

Compensation per video.

I'm interested!


3. Hand-crafting icons and figures

Are you good at digitally hand-crafting icons and figures?
Our clients want your help to explain the unique selling points of their products.

You could draw vector graphics, and get creative on sketch notes with additional instruction, illustrating the client's selling point.

Project-based compensation.

I'm interested!

About us

We at PixelPerfect believe in keeping things interesting, so we constantly deepen and broaden our skills. We believe that there will always be a better way of doing things, yet to be found. We believe something is better than nothing, yet we strive to clean up our quick fixes along the way. We believe in things that are professional, comfortable and easy to use.

We believe if things are complex, we do something wrong. Complexity has to go neatly under the hood, and the nasty details, failures and challenges - that are accepted as normal part of reality - are to be dealt with at the right level.


If you're interested, simply write a note here:


You can also contact us at
or you can call us at +36 31 782 6485.

Talk to you soon! 🙂